From Soft Landscaping to Block Paving in Midhurst | Unique Service Benefits


In our roles as a landscape company, paving contractors and driveway contractors, Andrew James Driveways provides highly beneficial services for homeowners with varying needs. Naturally, our customers put in a significant amount of research ahead of committing to their landscaping project. This includes looking at the array of benefits that come with our block paving installations, tarmac drives and other landscaping services.


For the benefit of new and returning customers in Midhurst and the surrounding areas, we have taken a closer look below at some of the unique benefits associated with our core services.


  • When you choose us as your landscape company, you can bundle multiple projects together for a more cost-effective solution. From tarmac drives in the front garden to block paving patios in the back garden, we can do it all
  • The block paving drives we lay as a driveway contractor in Midhurst create a permeable surface. This allows rainwater to drain directly back into the ground or a suitable SuDS outlet without pooling and causing damage
  • Our landscape company has experienced paving contractors capable of complete garden redesigns. Be it fencing and gates or turfing and planting, we create stunning spaces that truly transform lifestyles
  • As paving contractors, we can create visually striking, robust pathways linking various garden features. Whether you link the patio to the shed, or the front door to the driveway, pathways can be as bold as they are practical
  • Our tarmac drives offer a superb cost-effective solution for Midhurst homeowners looking to upgrade their drive on a budget. Our driveway contractors work to any specification, including options like different coloured surfaces and decorative edges
  • In our role as a landscape company, we ensure superior groundworks and drainage for every project, where necessary. This includes digging out to recommended depths and use of soakaways to ensure your features perform long into the future
  • Not only do our driveway contractors install tarmac drives with a rapid turnaround time, they also create an incredibly strong surface capable of handling the weight of multiple cars
  • Our paving contractors can install block paving in all manner of patterns and designs. This allows Midhurst homeowners to create landscaping features that reflect their own stylistic tastes

If you live in Midhurst and require anything from block paving installations to soft landscaping features, call us on 01428 481 996 or 07876 750 331.

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