Spruce up the Front of Your Property With Our Block Paving or Tarmac Drives in Hindhead


Looking to improve your property’s curb appeal? Great idea. It can significantly boost the value of your home, while making it better suited to its intended use. As the Hindhead area’s local landscape company, paving contractor and team of driveway contractors, there’s a lot we can do to help. From building attractive block paving or tarmac drives, to erecting fences or building winding stone paths. We handle everything in-house, including the design process. So communicate to us your ideas, and we’ll bring your dream front garden into a reality.


In this article, for the benefit of our hometown clients in Hindhead, the Andrew James Driveways team has looked to provide some tips for when you considering this initial design side of things. For more help, or to get a quote directly from our paving and driveway contractors, give us a call on 01428 481 996 or 07876 750 331. You’ll struggle to a quote as competitive, and workmanship as exceptional with any other local landscape company or paving contractor, whether you’re interested in a block paving patio, tarmac drives or one of the other services we offer.


3 Tips for Planning Your New Front Garden


Set a Budget


When there are so many different aspects of a front garden, from paving to driveways, fencing to flower beds – designs can quickly become elaborate. We recommend that our Hindhead clients set a rough budget, then work with a landscape company / driveway contractors / paving contractor to see exactly which “wish list” features can be implemented within this budget.


Be Practical & Realistic


Some features you’ve seen in magazines or on the internet may be jaw dropping, from perfect and expansive lawns, to centrepiece water features. But keep in mind that these sorts of features often require a lot of upkeep, and can potentially get in the way of having the essential purposes that, for example, block paving and tarmac drives fulfil. Consider things like storage, how much maintenance will be involved etc. We’re always happy to help Hindhead clients weigh up these practicalities.


Keep Things Stylistically Consistent


Some driveways suit properties better than others. Rustic and traditional homes around Hindhead may benefit from a gravel one. More modern properties might better suit a block paving installation. As your local landscape company and paving contractor, we can provide advice in this department, but it’s really down to your aesthetic preferences. Keep the front garden’s image consistent with the wider property, and consistent within its own individual features, colours and materials used.

To discuss your ideas with our Hindhead based landscape company, call 01428 481 996 or 07876 750 331. We specialise in everything from block paving patios, to tarmac drives.

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