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Block Paving and Driveway Contractors in Haslemere
Professional Landscaping Advice

With close to 20 years of experience trading as the trusted driveway and paving contractors here in Haslemere and surrounding areas, we’ve seen our fair share of front and back gardens at Andrew James Driveways! Often, we’ll be called in to completely revise an antiquated garden which is significantly dampening a property’s value. At other times, it’s the front of a house that our landscapers and driveway contractors attend to by installing block paving, tarmac drives or garden patios. We’ve rectified previous landscaping disasters, and we’ve completed stunning projects ourselves.

It stands to reason that our landscape company is uniquely qualified to offer advice for the benefit of our Haslemere clients. If you’d rather skip over these tips and get right into the nitty gritty, you can get a competitive quote on any service from us by picking up the phone and calling 01428 786336

On this page, we will explore the following pieces of advice:

Think Long-Term with Designs

As your preferred team of driveway contractors and paving contractors, it is our job to bring your ideas to life, and to assist in the planning process. We’re quick to urge Haslemere clients to think long-term by selecting fixtures and materials which will still look great for years to come, and which won’t fall into disrepair because of major maintenance requirements.

Our landscape company can assist on this front. Your creative aspirations are our creative inspiration.

Plan Your Budget 

Even if you are lucky enough to have a blank cheque and a bottomless bank account, it’s important to set out a budget. This will help you to figure out what is worth including, what isn’t, and what might be out of your reach. Budgets help in the decision-making process. The question of choosing block paving or tarmac for drives, or flagstones or natural stone for patios, is easily answered if it protects the budget. 

With so many low-cost materials available that can provide a similar finish to high-end alternatives, property owners still have a certain amount of flexibility in their choices.

Be Consistent 

We can’t stress this enough. Every landscape company, and all driveway contractors and paving contractors in Haslemere, will have attended a property that has suffered from random layouts. Conflicting themes, colours and ideas can really ruin the effectiveness of a landscape. Along the same lines, some properties better suit, say, block paving driveways or granite patios than others. Play to your strengths, and maximise kerb appeal, to add as much value as possible to your home.

Andrew James Driveways can advise on consistency, and on how to integrate your initial ideas into a theme.

Don’t Overvalue Trends

At the end of the day, landscaping trends are transient. They come and go. There’s a reason why certain thematic ideas are always requested of a landscape company, or of driveways and paving contractors. Indeed, certain materials like flagstones and block paving stay popular from year to year. They stick around and survive rolling trends by being sleek, clean and minimal, or through rustic, warm and traditional design. 

Be creative with driveways and patios, but never bend towards a trend for your Haslemere property that’ll be here today but very much gone tomorrow. Garden redesigns can prove costly.

Call our landscapers and driveway contractors on 01428 786336. We cover Haslemere and all surrounding areas with quality block paving.
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