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Paving Contractor in Guildford
Block Paving and Tarmac Driveways

With close to 20 years’ experience covering the Guildford and the surrounding areas as driveway contractors and paving contractors, we have the knowledge needed to work with a broad range of materials. Amongst these materials are block paving and tarmac. It is usually driveways, one of the most important features of any property, which can be made from either. With patios, it is better to choose a concrete, brick or natural stone paver. To get a quotation for any of the services we provide, which we guarantee to be competitive and fair in price, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01428 786336.

But, if this is your first time investing into a new driveway, you may be unsure of which material will best suit your needs. Our landscape company offers a tailored installation service.

You can expect the following from our products:

Because we trade as a well-rounded landscape company, it isn’t just block paving and tarmac that we lay for property owners in Guildford. We’re proud to be driveway contractors, but we also lay patios, erect fencing, cover the region as a paving contractor and offer a full range of supporting services.


Tarmac tends to be the cheaper option. Guildford homeowners on a tight budget may find tarmac preferable to block paving. This is especially the case for larger drives, which would otherwise take driveway contractors longer to finish with pavers. The only thing cheaper than a tarmac drive would be a concrete installation, which is a true budget option.

With patios, a landscape company or a paving contractor will use flagstones for affordability, or a natural stone product, like granite or porcelain, for high-end installations.

Ease of Maintenance

Tarmac drives are very easy to maintain, especially when you invest into regular power washing. However, one major benefit block paving has over a tarmac drive is that small sections, if damaged for any reason, can be lifted out and replaced. With the five-year workmanship guarantee that we provide as standard, driveway contractors and paving contractors rarely need to deal with faults which arise during installation.

Our landscape company offers a maintenance, repair and replacement service for driveways and patios in Guildford.


If looked after and not subjected to regular or abnormally heavy loads, then block paving and tarmac can both last for a very long time. We’d say that block paving has the edge here because it is more durable than tarmac. If lifespan is your biggest concern, our driveway contractors can direct you towards a material that will last when you contact us.

Natural stone installations from the paving contractors at our landscape company last longer when it comes to patios.


While this is an entirely subjective category, our driveway contractors and paving contractors often hear comments about the perception of block paving as a “premium material”. It really comes down to individual preferences, however. Some clients in Guildford love the customisation that block paving allows for because you can choose different colours and sizes of paver, then have them arranged in patterns of your choice.

Others like the clean, minimal and modern look that tarmac brings to the table, and it can be coloured now too.

Patios tend to need a different aesthetic, which is why our landscape company recommends concrete pavers, brick and natural stone over block paving, poured concrete and tarmac.

Which material will best suit your needs? Call Andrew James Driveways on 01428 786336. We are trusted paving contractors for the Guildford area.
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