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With over 15 years of experience serving as the local, go-to paving contractor / driveway contractors for Guildford and its surrounds, we have the knowhow needed to work with a broad range of materials; amongst these materials are block paving and tarmac. Driveways, one of the most important features of a property, can be made from either. But if it’s your first time investing in a new driveway, you may be unsure which will best suit your needs – as your chosen landscape company, we can provide tailored advice in this department.


To get a quote on any of the services we provide, which we guarantee will be competitive and fair, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01428 481 996 or 07876 750 331. And remember, as a well-rounded landscape company, it’s not just block paving and tarmac drives that we design and install for Guildford property owners. We also erect fencing, serve as a patio and paving contractor, and offer a full range of complementary services you can read about here.


Block Paving vs Tarmac Drives – Which is Right for You?




Tarmac drives tend to be the cheaper option, so Guildford homeowners on a tight budget may find them preferable to block paving. This is especially the case for larger drives, which would otherwise take driveway contractors a while to finish.  The only thing cheaper than tarmac drives would be concrete installations.


Ease of Maintenance


Tarmac drives are very easy to maintain, especially if you invest in regular power washing. However, one benefit that block paving has is that if small sections are damaged for any reason, they can be routed out and replaced. And with the 5-year guarantee on workmanship that we provide as standard, you can have an Andrew James paving contractor in to see to this, should it be down to a fault committed during installation.




If well looked after and not subjected to regular, abnormally heavy loads (e.g you’re one of Guildford’s few monster truck enthusiasts) – then both types can last a very long time. We’d say block paving has the edge here, as it’s a bit hardier than tarmac. If lifespan is your biggest concern, our driveway contractors can direct you when you contact us.




While this is an entirely subjective category, as a landscape company and paving contractor we often hear comment about the perception of block paving as a “premium material”. It really comes down to your individual preference. Some love the customisation that block paving allows for, as you can choose different colours and sizes of block then have them arranged in a pattern of your choices. Others like the clean, minimal and modern look that tarmac drives bring to the table.

Still unsure which option will best suit your needs? Call Andrew James Driveways, the Guildford area’s go-to paving contractor, on 01428 481 996 or 07876 750 331.

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