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Driveway Contractors in Godalming
Caring for Block Paving Installations

Alongside the installation work undertaken as Godalming’s favourite landscape company, did you know we also help with maintenance of everything from block paving to tarmac? For example, power washing dislodges stubborn dirt from driveways and patios that accumulated over months of sustained use. There are certain ways which you can ensure the new addition to your property holds up well. In this article, our experienced team of driveway contractors have looked at the maintenance of block paving. We also have a previous work page where you can view our completed projects.

We’re well known throughout Godalming and the surrounding areas for our commitment to exceptional workmanship, and our competitive approach to pricing.

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Driveways or patios, you won’t find better advice on their upkeep than you will from our local landscape company.

Looking After Block Paving

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that block paving is a longer lasting material compared to a tarmac installation. Pavers can last for many years when well looked after, especially when originally installed by skilled driveway contractors or paving contractors in Godalming. After laying tarmac, it pays not to have any traffic parked on the driveway for 3 to 5 days. 

While tarmac cures quickly, it’s not just the surface that needs to set. The materials underneath it need to cure too.

This isn’t the case with block paving. While mainly used for driveways instead of patios, it is ready to withstand the demands of foot and vehicle traffic straight away. 

Surface Conditions in Hot Weather

Block paving installations in Godalming cope better with the heat too. Tarmac gets hot in warm weather and becomes softer. This reduces its ability to deal with heavy weights and high usage. Our landscape company, and its driveway contractors and paving contractors, occasionally comes across poorly installed tarmac drives which have been damaged due to this problem. 

Remember to give tarmac driveways, patios and pathways a hose down after an unusually hot day to keep it nice and hard.

This is not required of block paving driveways in Godalming but consider having a sealant applied to better protect the surface against drips and spills, and from general wear and the toxic fumes from exhausts. Ask your chosen landscape company, driveway contractors or paving contractors for advice on protecting:

  • Driveways

  • Patios

  • Pathways

  • Walkways

Andrew James Driveways has many different options available to Godalming clients. If you’re now more interested in block paving driveways having read this, we want to hear from you! Please note that block paving has certain vulnerabilities too and will require a little annual care and maintenance.

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